Introduction of Chinese Courses

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from Center of Language Education and Cooperation! And welcome to the 21st Chinese Program for Foreign Diplomats. This is the announcement letter for the upcoming semester and your attention will be highly appreciated.

Detailed Course Arrangement (for all groups):



Live Class Address

Week 1

Apr 17th  9:00-12:00

Week 2

Apr 24th  9:00-12:00

Week 3

May 9th   9:00-12:00

Week 4

May 15th   9:00-12:00

Week 5

May 22nd  9:00-12:00

Week 6

May 29th 9:00-12:00

Week 7

Jun 5 th  9:00-12:00

Week 8

Jun 19th    9:00-12:00

Week 9

Jun 26th   9:00-12:00

Week 10

Jul 3rd   9:00-12:00

Week 11

Jul 10th  9:00-12:00

Week 12

Jul 17 th  9:00-12:00

Week 12

Jul 24 th  9:00-12:00


1.        Students shall study at their own place with stable internet and quiet environment.

2.        Students shall prepare a computer installed with Chrome browser, equipped with camera and microphone for the live classes. Please refer to the attached ChinesePlus User Guide before using the ChinesePlus live platform for the first time.

3.        Students shall register Chinese Plus account in advance at:

The email used for the Chinese Plus account will be the unique identification for getting access to the online live class. Please do make sure that you have registered and sent your email to your teacher before the first lesson so that we can authorize your account for the CPFD live class system. Using an unauthorized account will cause failure with entering the live classroom.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone Number: 010-59307521/59307543